Link in visualisation to update query parameters does not work


If the link in a visualisation targets the same URL and only modifies query parameter values (i.e. p_ GET parameter variables), although the address in the URL bar updates, the page does not actually load values from the new parameter value.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a query with a query parameter, which will appear in the URL like so: /queries/123?p_foo=bar

  • Get URL template to self refer, i.e.: /queries/123?p_foo={{ other_field }}

  • Uncheck Open in new tab

Generate a link from the results that points to an alternative parameter value, e.g.:


When clicking in query results, note that although the value changes, the page does not reload with the new value.

Refresh the page after clicking the link. This will force the browser to reload the app and hence the new parameter value will be used to fetch query results.


I guess that the client-side app logic is somehow aborting the page redirection because such parameter values are expected to coincide with other local events. However, this would obviously be a great feature, to be able to dynamically redirect to other ‘views’ of the query result set based on updating these values from links.

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This is a good bug report. Would you mind opening an issue against getredash/redash?