Loading data from Redash to snowflake

Hi Redash Team,
Am new to Redash. My goal is to query data from redash and load the data into snowflake,i want to automate the process and run once in a month. Please give me the suggestion to do this.


Hi Nadeem, Redash is meant to connect with tools like Snowflake to visualise query results. It’s not an ETL pipeline tool. Are you sure you mean to take data out of Redash and send it into snowflake? If so, you should just bypass Redash entirely and load your data from wherever it sits today into your Snowflake warehouse.

Hi @jesse ,
Thanks for the replay.
Am forced to do this, is there any option to do this.


HI @jesse ,

Please help

I’m curious: where is the data that Redash is fetching?

I assume you’re using Redash to query data from some other data source, and now you want to import that data into Snowflake?