Logstash Elasticsearch queries not working


I took the example query from the documentation, and modified it to match a specific index (“logstash-2016.11.21”) and a customed query which works in Kibana.

The Elasticsearch datasource is working, but I get an error everytime (“Error running query: hits”). I tried with something else like “logstash-2016.11.*” and it works but return nothing. The problem seems to come from the index part.

Even with a “*” query it returns either empty results or the error I mentionned above (Depending on the index. In my case, just changing the month makes the query crash).

Furthermore, I have absolutely no logs in /opt/redash/logs.

Do you have an idea ?
Thanks for reading



Here my question related on how to connect with Elastic search ElasticSearch Connection Configuration ?
For connection details:
Basic Auth Password
Basic Auth User
Base URL

Could you help me where these details available at AWS console?


I guess it’s no longer relevant, but just in case – did you create data source of type ElasticSearch or Kibana?