Looking for complete beginner's self-hosting setup guide for docker

Hello everyone,

For the last few years I have developed Power BI reports for customer data visualization, but now we have decided to move on to anoter platform. Redash seems like a very obvious candidate, but the learning curve is a tad steep.

For a first prototype dashboard I am attempting to self-host redash locally based on the redash/redash docker image, but I can’t seem to find any detailed setup guide.

Are there any step-by-step guides or tutorials out there that does not assume that the user has a lot of background knowledge on the topic?

Cheers, Mike

Can anyone at least confirm that they have managed to self-host Redash in a Docker container? This three year old inconclusive forum thread implies that it may not even be possible.

Cheers, Mike

Welcome to the forum!

You can certainly self-host Redash in a docker container. This is in fact the recommended configuration. The link you shared is from a user wishing to deploy on Windows, which is a different animal. Nobody on the core team uses Windows, and I’m not sure I’ve seen any successful reports of it. But in theory it should still be possible.

For a simple deployment and for testing, I’d skip using the docker images and just run the docker developer setup which is very straightforward (but not intended to be productionised): https://redash.io/help/open-source/dev-guide/docker

The Redash docs have a lot of gaps, but the developer setup is solid. If you run into issues post them here, and hopefully we can incorporate any new learnings into a subsequent revision of the documentation.

Hi jesse,

Thanks for replying. I got Redash up and running in the meantime, but it was a bit of a hassle. Turns out there are a few reasonably good beginner’s introductions, they are just hard to find (see bottom of this post for links).

Rather than using the prebuilt image on docker hub, I pulled the source from github, added .env and docker-compose.yml files, and ran it with “docker-compose up”.

I did give the dev setup a try, but it ended horribly in a ton of errors due to image / library version incompatibilities. Might give it a second try later.

Here are the ressources that helped me get Redash up and running first-time:

Cheers, Mike

Thanks Mike. Glad you have it up and running!

This essentially is what the dev setup is. I wonder what issues you had with images, since the dev setup doesn’t use any…If you feel like it I’m interested to see what errors you encountered.

Would love to see more of this information introduced into the community docs. Thanks for putting these links together!