Mail configuration problem

i added this two line in .env file

but when i test email get this error
socket.error: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address
how to solve it

You need to set REDASH_MAIL_SERVER. It tries to send from localhost by default; which is why you see that error. Here is the relevant page in our documentation about how to configure the mail server.

i set it

now get htis error
socket.gaierror: [Errno -2] Name or service not known @susodapop

Your mail server address should not be the same as your Redash host. Usually that address will be something like or

i edited it

now i get this

is this internet connection problem or another issue?

It appears you haven’t changed any of your environment variables since your last post. Right now, Redash is trying to send emails using itself which won’t work. You need to point Redash at an SMTP server in your organization.