Mail configuration: Send Test Email works, but not invite or alert emails


Redash (8) is setup using docker-compose and the environment file is set. Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 11.10.32 AM
and configured SMTP to use AWS SES.

send_test_email works fine which means I am assuming that the configuration is fine.

But no invite emails are being sent. Can you help me debug.

Looks like this is the problem with creating invitation links. When I tried to run the below command in redash server container

PYTHONPATH=. bin/run ./ users invite ToName, I get the below error:

raise RuntimeError('Application was not able to create a URL ’
RuntimeError: Application was not able to create a URL adapter for request independent URL generation. You might be able to fix this by setting the SERVER_NAME config variable.

I’ve even added this variable as environment in env file:

But no luck… it still shows the same error.

Please help