Make dashboards private

Hi, I have a couple dashboards I want to make viewable to only a select team (as it relates to performance of individuals on the team). I am using the open source version and I don’t think this is possible as a dashboard must be Published in order to be viewed and once it is Published, it is available for everyone.

Do any of the PAID Redash options have the feature to make dashboards viewable only to certain users or groups?

Thank you!

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The hosted and open source versions have the same features :slight_smile:

This is already possible. Dashboards are only available to users with data source permissions for a single visualization on that dashboard. If you need to hide certain dashboards from certain users:

  1. Create a new group called private. Add your private users to this group.
  2. Add new data sources like private_postgres, private_mongo, private_redshift etc.
  3. Assign access to the sources in step 2 to the group from step 1.
  4. When your private users need to make a private dashboard, have them write queries using the private sources from step 2.
  5. Users outside the private group will not be able to see the dashboard. If they navigate to it directly (by clicking a link or bookmark) they won’t be able to see the visualizations.
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