Manage user groups in User Edit page


I didn’t know exactly how to categorize this, but I wanted to bring this as an UX/UI suggestion/discussion.

A few days ago I saw myself in the context of giving someone admin permissions (aka adding someone into the admins group).

My immediate action was: Profile > Users > User profile. Remembering that this config was in Groups, not in Users made me think this may not be the best for UX. Here are some of my ideas for it:

In terms of development this could be an UserGroupSelector component


@arikfr this is exactly what you were thinking of prioritizing, right? :star_struck:


As @ranbena mentioned, it was bugging me as well :smiley:

Both suggested options have their pros and cons, I would go with multiselect version. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough as a first iteration.

Maybe move it to be below the name/email fields, and apply when clicking “Save”?


apply when clicking “Save”?

This form has “update” parts and “action” parts. The former has a “save” button, while the latter doesn’t require one. That’s already a confusing UX.

Groups have no correlation to name/email so putting it there would be forcing it where it doesn’t belong. So it makes things even worse.

I think this either calls for a sidebar (but perhaps prematurely), or having individual “apply” buttons to relevant fields.


I was going to send this PR later when I had a version of it (multiselect was not that hard) and continue the discussion from there, but it was an opportunity to test Draft PRs :slightly_smiling_face: (

@ranbena I’ll give it some more thoughts (and share them) before my next move.


The correlation is that it belongs to the “update” parts :slight_smile:

I agree it’s not the best UX. It used to be in multiple tabs (I assume that’s what you meant by sidebar?). Although having everything visible has its benefits.


My suggestion: let’s go with the Group Selector in the form (below Name/email fields) and turn this discussion into “UserEdit UI/UX”. This way we can properly discuss what interesting data could be there and be less premature on switching to a Side Bar/Tabs view. IMO the multiselect in that form is not the very best UX, however to me it is much less frustrating than not finding this setting in there when I want to.

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turn this discussion into “UserEdit UI/UX”

I’m cool with that.


@arikfr, @ranbena, you can give a look at #3450. Consider that this Group Selector is only shown when the current user is an admin and they are looking into another user profile. Netlify preview may not be working properly on that, but I left a preview gif :slightly_smiling_face:.

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