I faced another issue related to Redis server that is required for Redash.
Why do we need the Redis server for Redash?

Redash is generating a lot of keys when I prepare the reporting on the same.
The keys can be viewed in:


Till now it has been 1616 keys .
Here by I am copying the end keys from Redis
1612) “celery-task-meta-f3a6695c-8706-413e-b618-f3c35c04a38b”
1613) “query_task_tracker:491c26c3-d43d-475d-9792-254c8fbfd232”
1614) “celery-task-meta-4a4fd363-6372-4cdf-974d-ee647e6b65ee”
1615) “query_task_tracker:e12ef499-f27e-4300-a8f5-e4c24c1941a0”
1616) “query_task_tracker:cf6555f7-7cc2-488b-b558-c28fbaeb379f”