Not sure if this needs to be a feature request - but feels more like a bug.

On my map, I have 3 groups, each with a custom colour I have assigned it (say red orange green).
This works fine. But at certain times of day not all 3 groups will appear in the dataset.

If I have a dashboard on screen on a timed refresh, if one of the groups drops out, when it reappears it adopts a new colour altogether. Blue, in my case.

If I do a refresh of the actual web page URL (or open the same dasboard on another tab), it’ll revert back to my custom colours, but the scheduled refresh alone isn’t correcting the colours.

This is indeed a bug. I opened a GitHub issue to track it:

I’m having the same issue! :

I have a map visualisation with a timeframe drop down filter e.g., today, yesterday, last 7 days ( The map markers are grouped by a certain attribute.

My issue is with saving my colour preferences for the groups. I define the colours I want, save the visualisation - it works for a short time but then seems to reset. I wondered if this is because there are periods when there is nothing on the map (e.g., the drop down is ‘today’ and nothing yet has happened that day)

Any progress on solving this bug?