Map visualization: Ability to generate LAYERS

Hello. Please create a feature that allows the user to toggle different layers of coordinates on a map.
For example:
There are organizations. Each organization has a presence in a country. All of the organization’s employees have a marker on the map.
Is it possible to display only the markers for one organization by clicking that organization’s listed name? (Much like displaying only one unit on a line graph by clicking it)
This would allow for toggling between different sets of markers (similar to functionality of googleMaps)

You should look into Query Filters or Query Parameters.

Hello @arikfr.
Hmm. This is not exactly what I’m looking for. Instead, I was wondering if the query doesn’t have to be re-run. Here is what I am envisioning:

There is a panel on the side of the visualization that has all the layers listed with checkboxes next to each layer.
The user can click which groups she wants to see on the map, and the corresponding shading (for chloropath) or markers (for gps map) will appear instantly.

Is that possible?

You should try a multi-filter.