Maps Tooltip Customization


Unless I’m mistaken, there doesn’t appear to be a way to control the display of the Tooltip on the Maps (beyond manipulating the underlying query)

Creator should be able to select which fields to be displayed in the tool tip. Applying some markdown to the tool tip would be an added bonus too.


You are not mistaken. The contents of the Map (Markers) visualization are derived from the results of the query. Are you proposing that there be an arbitrary way to insert data into tooltips apart from the query? Or do you simply need more options to format that data (hide fields, format values etc.)?


I think working within the bounds of what is provided in the query is reasonable. (Injecting additional data would certainly be cool, but the value/effort balance probably isn’t there). So it’s mostly
around selecting what you don’t want to show (eg, I have no option but to include Lat/Long fields in the data, but don’t want them in the tooltip), and being able to then format it to highlight the key info.


@susodapop thanks for pointing me here.
I agree with @extrobe. Selecting which fields to show and be able to ‘display as’ and adjust the format (including the option to create a link) would be very useful and appreciated.