Master branch status

Currently the master branch is in an interim state:

  1. We recently merged in RQ support (see Migrating to RQ).
  2. We migrated the codebase to Python 3, but still need to test that nothing broke or changed (specially in support for the different databases).

We’re still working on stabilizing the RQ support (and still need to port query execution from Celery to RQ) and still need to properly test that nothing broke after migrating to Python 3 (see Migrate to Python 3).

If you’re using cutting edge versions for production, this time we would recommend not to do so. On the other hand, if you have a test environment for Redash, we recommend taking the new codebase for a spin and report any issues you encounter.

Hi Arik,

We are also excited for the new changes in Redash regarding migration of codebase to Python 3 and React. I just need a confirmation that the master branch is stable and ready for production use, so that we can start exploring Redash changes with new features. Kindly reply.

We never guarantee the master branch to be stable. The only stability we can promise is for the release branches.

But regardless, right now master is even less stable than the usual :slight_smile: