Migration Support - Dashboards and Queries

Hi Redash team,

Today I tried logging in to [app.redash.io] and the page was not working. I am a new addition to my team hence I didn’t know that [app.redash.io]will stop working. I needed access to queries and dashboards which might not have been migrated from our database. How can that be done? Need immediate help!



As far as I know, the old app.redash.io is now all offline, with the data gone.

They gave a lot of advance notice about it (several months), and stopped billing people while a while ago as well.

Hopefully, this is a case where your team did migrate to a new hosting place (internal, or one of the hosting providers), and you just need to find the new Redash address being used. :smile:

Happy cake day @justinclift :smiley:

@pcneha Justin is correct that app.redash.io has been discontinued and the data wiped away. You should speak with someone in your company’s IT department about how to proceed. Many, many customers of app.redash.io migrated to a self-hosted instance of Redash. Others switched to a separate product entirely. Your IT department should have the most accurate information.