Missing ability to use parameter as column-definition in Chart visualization

Hello Redashers,

one of the users of my dashboards requested to be able to use multiple filters(by parameters) on my visualizations. No problems to use them over the data itselves, however I tried to use a parameter as X column in my Chart visualization. That was not possible.

a chart showing absence over time is by default yealry. Adding the parameter to switch from year to quarter works perfectly on the Table, however in my chart the X column can only be year or quarter (latter resulting in stacked bars).
I tried to change the X column definition to the parameter by typing {{Timeperiod}} with no result.

Is it possible to add parameter to column definition (as it is already available for the data labels, dashboards and filters)?

Thanks in advance

Hessel from Zonneplan

The exact feature you describe isn’t available (though it is on our radar).

However you can accomplish the same thing by modifying your query:

SELECT DATE_PART('{{ param }}', date_field) as "{{ param }}"

If the parameter is set to ‘month’ the column alias will also be month. Likewise for year or quarter etc.

Thanks susodapop for your reply. However that solves not my problem.
I’ll wait for the feature and continue with 2 visualization till than.