Issue Summary

I am new to this repo so I am so sure if this is a bug.
I successfully installed and ran Redash locally but the CSV Data Source is missing.1

As it is specified in the documentation I thought it might be a bug.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version:

  • Browser/OS:
    Safari and Chrome

  • How did you install Redash:
    Git Clone + Dockers for services

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I join 2 printscreen of the local data sources and the online data sources

The CSV data source we use in wasn’t open sourced as there is an alternative implementation in this pull request:

We will either merge #2478 soon or open source the simpler implementation we have soon to avoid this kind of confusion.

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Hi @arikfr,
do you have any news regarding the CSV data source for self hosted resdash (next version maybe)? I have seen the implementation in the new youtube video and wanted to share the feature within our team.


Just to add another voice to Rob’s request. Same position here, we could really use the CSV data source on self hosted Redash, the video piqued my interest.


The CSV query runner isn’t part of our open source repo yet. But I’ve received permission to open source it separately in this gist:

There’s a separate implementation in an open pull request on our open source repo which includes support for Excel files:

Either of these can work with Redash. We will eventually circulate the CSV query runner as part of the main repo, it’s just a low priority for now (three people expressed interest in the last two years).


Thank you! I will try it : )

I’am interested in this. Best

I’m interested to have excel datasource in open source version, please prioritize.