Modify form style(DynamicForm), no effect?

filepath: client\app\components\dynamic-form\DynamicForm.jsx
1、Modify “Vertical” to “horizontal”
2、use “npm run build” to rebuild it
3、Refresh the page(UserEdit.jsx) and find that the changes have not taken effect

does anyone know this error? can only help me.

render() {

    const submitProps = {

      type: 'primary',

      htmlType: 'submit',

      className: 'w-100',

      disabled: this.state.isSubmitting,

      loading: this.state.isSubmitting,


    const { id, hideSubmitButton, saveText } = this.props;

    // const { id, hideSubmitButton, saveText, layoutValue } = this.props;

    const saveButton = !hideSubmitButton;

    return (

      <Form id={id} layout="horizontal" onSubmit={this.handleSubmit}>
      // <Form id={id} layout={{layoutValue}} onSubmit={this.handleSubmit}>


        {saveButton && <Button {...submitProps}>{saveText}</Button>}





What is your question? Do you receive an error? What are you trying to achieve?

A simple example:

i modify code “Vertical” to “horizontal”, and run “npm run build” to rebuild the front-end project, but no effect at all.

so how modify a front-end project?

If you don’t see the effect it’s because your Redash instance isn’t using the revised version of the files. How did you install Redash? How are you running it? Have you checked out our Developer Guide that addresses exactly how to do this?

Thank you very much for your reply

I use docker to launch the application like this:

Create Docker Services

1 docker image:redash/redash:latest (v8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e))
2 Use " volumes: - ./app:/app" to map the app folder to my local operating system (win10) to edit the code
3 Use “docker-compose up” to start the docker services

Install npm Packages

use a node docker image and map the app folder
1 docker run -it --name node -v C:/redash/app:/app node:latest /bin/bash
2 cd /app
3 npm install
4 When the file changes, I execute “npm run build” to rebuild it

but can’t see the effect ,thank you
Is there a better way to do this?

There is another thing, what’s the password for redash(docker image:redash/redash:v8.0.0+b32245 )