Is there a good way to modify the Plotly object state from within Redash? I’m having a lot of trouble getting the Plotly legend to render without covering a portion of my graph. I know how to solve this when using Plotly/D3 directly – is there a clean way to mess with these settings from within Redash?

Can you post a screenshot of the issue? It sounds like something we should fix in general.

The image above is the direct image export from Plotly. It’s a Plotly rendering issue. If I widen the viewport the legend will eventually float into proper alignment.

So in Redash itself it’s renders OK, but when exporting you have this issue?

No the problem is there in redash too. But the fact that the overlap happens even on the PNG export suggests that the issue is with Plotly configuration instead of Angular or CSS.

I just realized you have a secondary Y axis there. It’s probably this issue: