Modify queries from an embedded IFrame


Greetings, I am totally new at Redash, I come from Tableau and my team finally decided pivoting to another data visualization technology for many reasons.

Once the dashboard is exported and embedded into a webpage, how can we manipulate the queries of the dashboard, for example:

We have a bar graph that has timestamps in its X axis, and we want to change the query for only the last month and so on.

I bet this question has already been answered multiple times and I apologize for it, but I could not find the appropiate thread.



Have you tried using date range Query Parameters to filter the dates? These will give you the flexibility to modify your charts in a dashboard quite easily. For security reasons, parameters are not supported in embeds at the moment (to avoid SQL injection). If you are using the open source product you can override this limitation with the ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS environment variable, though this will be deprecated soon.

Development is underway on a complete overhaul of the backend for parameters, though. Within the next few weeks support should begin rolling out into the hosted product and the open source release. You can track progress on this pull request. The announcement from @rauchy can be found on this post in the user forum.

In the meantime, query parameters will work fine for any logged-in user of Redash. So you can circulate links to dashboards in Redash instead of embedding in frames.


Okay, we will wait until this functionality gets fully developed and integrated.
Thanks for your complete answer!