mongoDB nested document queries with Re:dash


Hey guys, I just wanted to get some insight into querying nested docs for mongo DB using re:dash. It seems that it is only pulling in the highest level in the docs to build queries. Writing a query such as the one below does not yield the specific result it should using re:dash. However using a similar query in robomongo returns the proper result.

Any insight into what I may be doing wrong or may need to add to re:dash config would be much appreciated.


“collection”: “statements”,
“query”: {
“statement.verb.display.en”: “viewed”,
“statement.timestamp”: {
“$gt”: “2016-12-16T12:59:29-08:00”
“statement.object.definition.extensions.http://lrs&46;learninglocker&46;net/define/extensions/”: “21”
“fields”: {
“”: 1,
“_id”: 0