Hi all
thanks for this awesome tool

i’ve got a question, but it’s maybe en issue regarding querying Mongodb
image the following document in Mongodb collection

“_id” : ObjectId(“57334bcf6803fa487e8b4569”),
“ownerID” : “56e33b73dbb0d9c67b44dcd6”,
“familly” : “surf”,
“ville” : “sete”,
“pays” : “france”,
“loc” : {
“lng” : 3.6764528999999584,
“lat” : 43.3913059

if i want to query and show my loc.lat & loc.lng field
i should use:

“collection”: “position”,
“query”: {

"fields": {

    "loc.lat": 1 ,
       "loc.lng": 1 ,
    "familly": 1


but it doesn’t show noting
of course trying other fields instead of lat.lat or loc.lng show exactly what expected…

any ideas?



I have the same problem and I tried a lot of thing without success :frowning:

Currently Redash doesn’t support sub documents. You can work around it by using $project to move the fields you need to the top level.