MS SQL Server schema not loading

Issue Summary

Redash V10 - Not able to use SQL server datasource to create new queries, not loading schema as well as not saving the query even if you write everything manually.
V8 is working fine with similar setup.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: V10
  • Browser/OS: Chrome, Linux
  • How did you install Redash: Docker

any known issues on V10 for sql server

Sorry to hear about this. What errors do you see in your server logs?

sudo docker-compose logs

I’m not aware of any issues with MSSQL on V10.

@jesse - we were able to resolve the schema loading issue. However we are facing a new issue now, where scheduled query refresh is not working and even the manual refresh doesn’t work until you make some dummy edit to the query and save it and then it executes.
we have below containers running

For posterity, what was the issue here?

Weird. Does this query use parameters? How do you know that it doesn’t execute unless you make a change?

it says refreshed 3 days ago, even though we have 4hrs as refresh schedule

Sorry you haven’t answered my questions.

  1. Does this query use parameters?
  2. How do you know that manual refresh doesn’t work unless you make a change?

we are not using query param.
it says query in queue, we need to cancel manually. It works fine in our V8 setup, reschedule as well as manual refresh.

Thank you that’s helpful. This indicates that a query execution job was created but no worker picked it up from the queue. What queues are your workers monitoring? Can you shared your docker-compose.yml file?

    - /bin/sh
    - name: QUEUES
      value: queries,celery,schemas
    - name: WORKERS_COUNT
      value: "4"

Note: that’s not a docker_compose.yml file. Do you happen to be using k8s?

It’s clear what is your problem: that configuration won’t work for V10. It looks like you copied something from an V8 deployment, not V10. Maybe you started from the getredash/setup repository? It hasn’t been updated since V8.

Either way, you need to configure your queues differently for V10. Without knowing how you set up Redash it’s hard to know the best set of instructions to send you. But the release notes from V10.1 (the latest release) should point you in the right direction:

Speaking more broadly, it would be helpful to know what instructions you followed to end in this state? We want to make the developer onboarding experience for Redash as painless as possible. If you can link to the instructions you followed I can take a stab at updating them.

we followed below but did some customization to make it work with our Kubernetes deployment pipeline. I can share the deployment.yaml if that wd help

k8s is not formally supported for Redash so you’re somewhat flying blind here. I’m happy to take a look but I can’t guarantee a result.

I can see how you ended up with the environment variables you did, though. Because the instructions you linked point to our setup repository which hasn’t been updated in a few years. Please go ahead and post your deployment.yaml and I will advise on which env vars need to be corrected.

Hi @jesse
PFA, deployment yaml file for your reference. Can, you please look into on why scheduled query refresh doesn’t work. Pls, zoom the image as I have to capture the entire file as image.

Hi @jesse
Did, you have a chance to look at it?
Are there any suggestions?

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Thanks for the ping. Was traveling last week. Will put eyes on this soon.