Multi Tenancy support on Redash

Our scenario is that we have a tenancy model including multiple tenants using the same postgres database, only discriminated by a table-level tenant id.

So, Is there a possibility to intercept the queries that Redash fires in order to append a tenant id to the where clause by tweaking the celery threads within?
Will there be any caching issues?

or do we need to use different schema’s per each tenant?

Any advice on potential techniques or alternate approaches here? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Redash doesn’t support multi-tenancy like this. There are some features built-in for our use operating but it’s never been supported for the community users :frowning:

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@jesse is organisations concept in Redash supporting multi-tenancy?

That’s what organizations were built for, yes. But it’s the wild west and undocumented.

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