Multiple Chained Inline Query-Based Dropdown List Parameters

Allow setup of multiple chained query-based dropdown list parameters for the same query:

  • The query for each dropdown can be written & edited inline for each query
  • Each inline query for 1 dropdown can take as a parameter any other parameter from the query where these chain parameters are used

Example of 3 chain parameters that could be used in the main query, with the sub-queries that could be created/editted from the parameter configuration dialog:

  • Parameter 1 - “Continent” = SELECT DISTINCT(continent) FROM cities ORDER BY continent
  • Parameter 2 - “Country” = SELECT DISTINCT(country) FROM cities WHERE continent = ‘{{Continent}}’ ORDER BY country
  • Parameter 3 - “City” = SELECT DISTINCT(city) FROM cities WHERE continent = ‘{{Continent}}’ AND country = ‘’{{Country}}’