Multiple dashboards for individual users?

Hello everyone,

I am a complete newbie, so forgive me for stupid questions. We have individual webapp users that generate csv files with data. We need to create a dashboard for each user that reflects and visualizes the data they collected and embed it to their profile pages via iframe on our member-only website. Is it possible to do with redash? The csv file aggregates all data but each data entry has unique user id. I can update this csv file weekly and post it to dropbox for example.

Thank you in advance.

The issue you’ll run into is that Redash doesn’t support locked query parameters. So if a user can see any of the data in the CSV they’ll be able to see all of it. Presumably you want to isolate each user’s data from the others.

Support for this is coming later this year. For now, however, Redash isn’t the right choice.

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Yes, I do want each user to only see their own data visualization. But how will it work once it is implemented? Each user’s dashboard will have its own secret link (I will need it to be external, so I can embed it via iframe on website, where each user has their own profile).

Imagine you have a dashboard at:

It accepts a parameter called user_id:

If you share this link with Bob, he can easily change the parameter to Mary or Sally.

The goal of the locked parameters is that you can create a secret link that embeds the parameter in a secret fashion. So that:


becomes this

If you send that link to Bob, there’s no way he can guess how to see Mary and Sally’s data.

Make sense?

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Yes, yes, it does! Thank you very much! This is exactly what I need. So I can have one large csv file with user_id parameter, and once redash implements this change, I will be able to generate dasboard variations secret links for each user. Did I get it right?

Also, if I update the csv file in dropbox once a week for example, the users’ dasboards will update automatically too? Sorry for all these questions, just trying to figure it all out. Thank you so much!


This is slightly complicated. The query won’t refresh on its own but you can set a max age in your link so that if the result shown is too old then a new result is pulled when the user loads the visualization.

The typical answer here is to use a query schedule. But those don’t work for parameterized queries.

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And by “user loading the visualization” you mean the user opens the page and the secret links loads via iframe? Also, so I can set the max age for the secret link? Does it mean that I will have to update data source csv file like for example, once a week, so redash can generate new results?

While I am waiting for this new implementation, can I still create individual dashboards with links like that so I can at least test how everything looks like on my end?