"Multiple owners experimental feature", what does it do?

As title says. I see there’s this option in the settings but I have no idea what it is meant to do.

I tried looking around, but found no relevant info in the matter.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.

Answering my own question because I seem to actually have found some info about it in the docs:

[…] saved queries can only be modified by the user who created them and members of the Admin group. But Redash includes experimental support to share edit permissions with non-Admin users.

Apparently it is to allow non admins to edit their own queries, altho I’m not sure why this would be needed. Can’t this same feature be obtained with group permissions and different data sources?

The docs cover this in depth. By default the only users who can edit a query are admins and the one who created it. With multiple owners enabled, users besides admins and the original creator can be granted edit permissions.

Non-admins can already edit their own queries.

No. Permission to use a data source is different from permission to edit a query.

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