Multiple Schemas from Databricks

Hi dashers - new to the ecosystem. We’ve been a Databricks user for a few years now, and just signed up for trial of Redash. I was able to create my first connection to a Databricks cluster, but I’m not seeing all schemas loaded that I specify within the connector - only the first schema is shown. I can still query the other schemas, they’re just not available for browsing the metadata.

Thoughts or suggestions on where I may have missed this documentation?


How did you enter the schema names? Comma-separated?

From what I heard the version of Redash specific to Databricks will auto-populate this stuff so hopefully it won’t be so confusing going forward.

I did comma separated. Was confused initially when only the default loaded, but when I changed the order my custom database finally appeared.

I’m away from my work PC but will try it without specifying any schemas for see if that works later.