Multitenancy in Redash

Hey, guys. We have an workbench which helps in building AI models. Redash would be a great addition to that Workbench, because it helps in Visualization of data. We had one issue, we had multiple tenants accessing the workbench, so the user should only able to query the data, that belongs to his tenant(Organization). The users are differentiated by a ord_id and all the tenants data is present in the same database(Elastic search). In other words we want to achieve multitenancy. Is it possible in redash, wanting to hear some suggestions regarding the issue.

Thanks in advance

Redash is the wrong tool for this job.

  1. Redash has no documented support for multi-tenancy.
  2. Redash cannot be embedded easily into other applications. You can embed individual visualisations and dashboards, but these are not segmented by a customer_id for example. Which means every visitor would have access to all the data.

Redash is a tool for teams. It’s not built for embedded analytics or multi-tenancy.

@BUNNY-1269 by any chance did you find a viable solution to this problem? I was exploring redash for a similar use case but seeing Jesse’s response I’ve started looking elsewhere.