My .env file is being ignored


Ubuntu 16.04. Used the script, no errors.

When I try to edit /opt/redash/.env the file doesn’t get read in by redash after running. This is my current .env (modified for privacy)

export REDASH_REDIS_URL=redis://localhost:6379/0
export REDASH_DATABASE_URL="postgresql:///redash"
export REDASH_MAIL_PORT="25"
export REDASH_MAIL_USE_TLS=false
export REDASH_MAIL_USE_SSL=false # default: False
export REDASH_MAIL_USERNAME="someuser" # default: None
export REDASH_MAIL_PASSWORD="somepassword" # default: None
export REDASH_MAIL_DEFAULT_SENDER="someemail" # Email address to send from

I do a
sudo supervisorctl restart all
to reload the .env file, then a
sudo ./ check_settings
to check settings. The email settings never take.

I’ve also tried going into the current directory, removing the symbolic link and moving the .env file there.


When you run ./ without bin/run it doesn’t read the .env file, and therefore doesn’t show the settings. If the symbolic link at /opt/redash/current points at /opt/redash/.env then it will use your new settings.


Ahh you were right! Thank you so much for the fast response arikfr. New problem though, maybe you can run me through some troubleshooting steps.

So running the test email, I get a message. No Problem there, but I don’t get an email for an alert I setup. I checked all spam folders, other folks. Anything else I should be checking?


Ignore my last message, pebkam :confused: I didn’t set things up correctly on the alert page (have to click ADD)