Dear Community,

I have installed Redash using the following link : sist / tuto-instal-redash · GitLab ; which enables me to connect to Redash using the following URL : http://localhost:8080/.

I am trying to use the Data Sources option in order to load MySQL databases into a dashboard. However, when I fill the form by giving the information about the host, port, and user, I face an error when testing the connection (see attached the screenshot) :

I have root privileges to the MySQL server, and I can normaly connect to the database using these information through a Python script, or a Django app for instance. Also, I imagine that the problem comes from the connexion between Redash and MySQL, but I can’t still solve this even by changing the host with my local ip and so on.

Can you help me on the steps to follow please ? If it is a problem of privilzges for a user or a problem of address ?

Thank you very much in advance.

I think this is an error caused by putting ‘localhost’ in your Mysql host. localhost means in the redash container, not the host where the redash container is deployed