Need support: I am bringing up the self hosted redash setup on the k8s

I need help in setting up few of the ENV variables, I am not able to understand how to set REDASH_COOKIE_SECRET and REDASH_SECRET_KEY. Also If I need to enable AZUREAD SAML login, do I need to pass REDASH_GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and REDASH_GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET also??

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: redash/redash:9.0.0-beta.b42121

I’m not familiar with k8s deployments (there are not many users on the forum who do). But the environment variables will be set in whatever normal way you set them. Looking briefly at the helm repository it appears the environment variables are set in values.yml (see here).

The Google Client ID and Secret are used exclusively for google login.

Each SAML provider has a different setup screen. But they’re all pretty similar. You can see the docs for setting up SAML here. Feel free to write back if you have questions.

Hi Thank you for replying. It doesn’t clear much from the values.yml (see here ). It just says these are secret values that needs to be passed. I want to understand how to generate them?? Are these randomly generated values for data encryption??

Gotcha. You can read about how to generate these secret keys in the docs.

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