Redash is super awesome. I was wondering if anyone has thought about adding support for graph databases like Neo4J with Cypher queries or equivalent. I didn’t find any mention in GitHub or roadmap.

It would be incredibly powerful to be able to harness the power of graph databases with the ability to join data with other query results from other data sources in Python for example.


Considering that Neo4J has both a query language (Cipher) and a Python driver, it should be simple to create a query runner for Redash (probably less than 2 hours of works).

I’m not familiar enough with how a Neo4J result set looks like, so there might be some challenge there to make it into a table.

+1 for this. It would be hugely convenient to support cypher/graphql

@arikfr, could you provide pointers in case someone with knowledge of the neo4j python driver would like to contribute a query runner? Is there a query runner template or example? Is there a notion of a result set interface that a neo4j result set would need to implement?