Nested query parameter

Hi All,
If I have written a query with parameters and have got results for the same.
Now I want to use the results of the above query as a drop-down list in another query having same parameters. So does this query pass on the values of my parameters in the present query into the previous query to give me the drop down list. I will explain this with an example for better understanding.

query 1:-

select distinct name from my_table where __time >= ‘{{ __time.start }}’ and __time <= ‘{{ __time.end }}’ → I need to mention the time range because the data is very huge and running a distinct for all the user data is not feasible. So I need the distinct names with a given time range.

query 2:-

select user_events, details from my_table where __time >= ‘{{ __time.start }}’ and __time <= ‘{{ __time.end }}’ and name = ‘{{ ‘name’ }}’ (drop-down list from query 1, but with time range mentioned in this query).

There is a feature request to add support for this here.