New data source : RDS Data API


We are using an Aurora AWS Serverless MySQL Cluster.
These serverless clusters cannot be exposed outside of their VPC.
So the options are running self-hosted inside the VPC, or setup an SSH tunnel.

There is a 3rd option here, as this DB is exposed to the outside world - thorough the “AWS RDS Data API”

I would like to add this as a query runner.

So it looks pretty simple and I’m willing to open a PR for it.

Just wondering if there are any thoughts / gotchas / tips / tricks I should be aware of.


This looks great and your approach is how I would do it. I don’t know any gotchas. It’s all pretty straightforward.

Great, so I’ve got a basic functioning version going -

I’ve got a little more work there and I can open a pull request.

Are there any acceptance tests for adding a source?

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Nice work, @avnerenv0.
Are you also willing to implement a data source adapter of Data API for PostgreSQL?

Sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that.
I’m barley finding the time to complete this PR.

But I think it will be easier to do after this PR is completed, as this PR takes some things from the MySql source, which will just need to be replaced with code from the PostgreSQL source.

Hey I’ve opened a pull request for this -
I would love some feedback and of course would implement any additional functionality required by the project maintainers.

What can I do to advance this effort?


I think the team have not looked at any pull requests because of the Databricks acquisition :frowning: