New migration script beta test

Hi everyone, if you are interested in helping us test the forthcoming migration script, you can follow the instructions on this pr.

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We are looking into using this migration script but it is not immediately clear what all the migration script handles automatically and what must be done manually.

It appears that at a minimum all of the data sources in the origin instance must be manually re-created in the destination instance and a mapping of all origin IDs to destination IDs must be provided in meta.json. Is there a similar process for users, queries, visualizations, dashboards, and alerts? Or does the migration script automatically re-create those other items in the destination instance, provided all the data source mappings are valid?

This is correct. Before we do the full release I’ll write up some proper docs. But you have the correct idea.

You need to map the data sources manually. Other than that, the script will take care of moving users, queries, visualizations, dashboards, alerts, and favorites. For now it won’t move query snippets, alert destinations or alert destination subscriptions.

Happy to answer further questions in this thread if you have them.