Hello Everyone!

I’m creating some dashboards and exploring some data and I was really surprised that there is no option to create a basic Histogram like these ones


I also request this feature which is very important indeed.

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Any update on this? I am finding I really need this feature.

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I was also surprised. While less than ideal, you can create queries that calculates the histogram like so:

SELECT floor(my_column / {{ bin_size }}) * {{ bin_size }} AS bins, count(*)
FROM my_table
GROUP BY bins;
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Hi friends,

This is a deal breaker for us. Any timeline on this? I would love for us to switch!

Hi all,

PR has been created. https://github.com/getredash/redash/pull/4426


@arikfr let’s get this PR merged? I want histograms all up in my dashes :grinning: