New Visualization - Red/Green/Yellow


Some data is best just glanceable - is it ok or not?
All green - let’s go to lunch, all red - panic mode.

In short, widget changes background color according to value above/below preset threshold.


  1. Which value to observe.
  2. Define value thresholds and colors.
  • At least one threshold.
  • No limit on number of thresholds.
  • Each threshold can define color (preset color palette + picker)
  1. Widget content
  • Title
  • Show value on/off
  • Show time counter (since when threshold crossed) - NTH on/off

An example I took off google search


Should this be a new visualization type or just extra features for the counter visualization?


I think Counter won’t cover all widget potential uses which aren’t of linear numeric value.
For instance, server up/down (green - true, red - false), or server status code (green - 200, red - 500/404).


How would you name this new visualization?


Status Monitor? Status Panel? Status Tracker?


How would you name this new visualization?

“Super-Counter” (and also rename previous one to “Counter (Deprecated)”) :grinning: