New Visualization - Red/Green/Yellow


Some data is best just glanceable - is it ok or not?
All green - let’s go to lunch, all red - panic mode.

In short, widget changes background color according to value above/below preset threshold.


  1. Which value to observe.
  2. Define value thresholds and colors.
  • At least one threshold.
  • No limit on number of thresholds.
  • Each threshold can define color (preset color palette + picker)
  1. Widget content
  • Title
  • Show value on/off
  • Show time counter (since when threshold crossed) - NTH on/off

An example I took off google search


Should this be a new visualization type or just extra features for the counter visualization?


I think Counter won’t cover all widget potential uses which aren’t of linear numeric value.
For instance, server up/down (green - true, red - false), or server status code (green - 200, red - 500/404).


How would you name this new visualization?


Status Monitor? Status Panel? Status Tracker?


How would you name this new visualization?

“Super-Counter” (and also rename previous one to “Counter (Deprecated)”) :grinning:


Just an idea. For thresholds, current Counter expects “larger is better”. New visualization should be flexible enough to accommodate other cases such as “smaller is better” and “closer to zero the better”.