Newcomer questions

Hello All,

i just found Redash a can’t stop my self from shaking : is it the holy graal i am looking for.

previously i was using some Solutions for embedding dashboards into my app. but these solution turned very expensive a misisng a lot a features.

My use case :

  • i have one super admin (me) who designs Dashboards, and publish them in my app
  • i have a lot of users, that can use these Dashboards, but each one of them can see only it’s own data (by passing some parameters)

waybe i can find these answers in docs, but can’t wait asking :

  • Can i define some sort of Hidden or Internal Parameters, that will not be shown and edited in my shared dashboard

  • Can i dynamically define the datasource connection string, using api

  • Can i pass parameters using the API

Let the force be with you All