No Celery Logs generated + status of query_results cleaner task



Thank you for the great product. Redash has been extremely valuable for my company.

I’m on a Digital Ocean new 16.04.1 LTS image, and I’ve installed Redash from the boot strap script with version 0.12.0+b2449. Everything seems to be working, but I don’t see strings being generated inside /opt/redash/logs/celery.log.

Initially, I wanted to make sure the query results cleaner was running and saw that the source code has “start” and “end” strings when that task is running. I can’t see those strings produced anywhere, and it’s hard for me to determine if the task is running. I could double the check the database tables for query_results to make sure some are being cleaned, but I’m worried maybe my celery logging just isn’t set up correctly?

Celery error logs works, and my REDASH_LOG_LEVEL, I’ve tried the default INFO as well as DEBUG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Do you see other log entries or nothing at all?


I only see the Celery emblem and the standard output when the server starts. I don’t think the’s are getting into here. This is a screen of the log when I just restarted the services.


This is from both celery.log and celery_error.log?

If it is, then the only idea that comes to my mind is that it might be some issue with 16.04 (tested this only on 14.04 and 12.04 until now).


The celery_error.log is populated, but the celery.log one is not. I saw query exceptions get generated into the error log correctly.


Can you check if your messages get printed to celery_error.log? Despite the file name, I think all the log lines get written there…


I think you’re right.

With that said, then am I looking for the right log for this."Running query results clean up (removing maximum of %d unused results, that are %d days old or more)",

I set these variables up and I want to make sure this task is running. I grepped and can’t find this string anywhere in the logs.



Just wanted to bump.

Any update on this? Can it be amounted to just not full support for 16.04 ? Is there anything in the queue for “official” 16.04 support?


I’m planning to release new AMIs (and bootstrap script) along with the v1.0 release, that will be based on 16.04.

I doubt this specific issue is 16.04 related. Can you share the full log file with me?


Sorry, this is user-error, just had to debug a little on my own.

My bad, the task is running. Besides the going into celery_error.log file, nothing is wrong here. Closing this, thanks for your time.


No worries. Glad it’s working.