Thank your for this cool conversation app on Slack! I want to set a daily report with the image. But I faced some problems.

I set up the configuration according to this article.

[Success] I can see a preview image on Slack

  1. Post the query url which I set configuration
  2. Set a single slack reminder (not repeated reminder) like /remind @here to in 1 minute

[Error] I can’t see a preview image on Slack

  1. Set a repeated slack reminder like /remind @here to at 9am every day
  2. Post the query url from the bot(Incoming WebHooks)

The redash bot doesn’t recognize the query url. Do you know the reasons of this error?

Is the bot a member in the channel you post it to?

Yes it is. I can confirm the image in the channel when I post the query url. But repeated reminder doesn’t work well.