No preview image is shown in slack bot


Thank you for developing such a nice dashboard.

We built redash in my server and started to use slack bot.
But our slack bot doesn’t give us preview image although it fetches query name (so it gets some information from api)

Do you know any idea about what happens and how to improve it?



Same issue happens with me on Redash 4.0.0rc1


The incompatibility of the Slack bot and Redash 4 was fixed. Please let us know if you still experience these issues.


Thank you for updating. It was fixed a several weeks ago, but this update may cases a problem with multi byte character on Redash v4.0.0-rc.1 .


This should be fixed now as well. Can you give it another try?



Thanks, and it is was fixed!


I confirm the fix works for 4.0.0rc1 but it seems to break it for Redash 3.0.0. Any ETA on final release 4.0.0?


It appears the Redash slackbot no longer parses URLs, as shown on the Slack Redash bot successful install page. One of the examples there is pasting in a URL, like and having it post the appropriate results.

Here’s what you see at

This no longer works. The /redash commands appear to work.


It detects URLs to parse based on the domain you set it up with. Maybe you set it up with http but pasting https URLs?


Everything is https here and I set up Nginx in the VM to redirect http to https. Regardless, neither works when I paste in a URL. I don’t see where the Redash Slack Bot integration allows for changing any settings that might affect this.


Just sharing my experience here.
It seems that embed preview works when you type the query’s URL following the /redash slash command on Slack, for example:
/redash https://your.redash.domain/queries/123