Not able to run manage database reencrypt $(old) $(new) Error: No such command “reencrypt”

Issue Summary

I recently found out we need to reencrypt our DB because we used an insecure key. I was trying to follow the instructions here.

but it does not seem that the “manage database” command I am trying to run knows about the command “reencrypt”. This is the output. It seems to only know about create_tables drop_tables
This is my first time posting. I hope I have included all the information that was needed. I have found older posts to be helpful while setting the instance up so just wanted to say thanks for having this forum!

Usage: database [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]
Manage the database (create/drop tables).
–help Show this message and exit.
create_tables Create the database tables.
drop_tables Drop the database tables.

Usage: database [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
Error: No such command “reencrypt”.

Technical details:

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Does anyone know if the reencrypt command should be availble in the CLI for Version 8.0.2.b37747? I ask because I do not see it but would really like to reencrypt the database. The page here makes it sound like this should be possible so curious if I am doing something wrong.

Or is my only option to upgrade to v10.1 and then run the reencrypt? Any information would be a huge help.
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reencrypt is not part of V8. You could potentially implement it yourself if you can’t upgrade to V10. Do so at your own risk.