Open (or embed) visualization with a preset filter


Hi folks,

I’ve searched a lot on Redash documentation and even tried to understand parts of source code in order to avoid asking for something that is already built in on this wonderful tool.

Here’ my need: I’d like to be able to open a visualization (a table, for instance) with a preset filter, just like what can be used with dashboards. An example:

DASHBOARD (the last argument on the URL refers to a filter)

QUERY VISUALIZATION (how can I set the same filter?)

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I’m not able to use query parameters here in my organization.

EDIT 2: I’ve already tried some URLs like these below but none of them worked:


Hi folks,

I’d like to share that I built a workaround with a Chrome Extension that injects Javascript on Redash (and on any other page). I don’t consider it a good solution but it’s working now. If anybody needs further details, please drop me a line here…