Open source Redash looks to be dead

It seems like Redash is almost dead. There is almost no new development or roadmap communicated since it was acquired by Databricks.
The number of commits and code contributions have both fallen drastically.
Sad to see the demise of a project which was so promising.

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Thanks for posting. I understand your concerns. There’s certainly been a dip in commits over the last eighteen months. But that’s been changing.

I can report that the project is far from dead :slight_smile: Most of our efforts in the past few weeks have gone towards unblocking community contributors. We’re doing this by updating our documentation and improving the review process.

In fact just this week we’ve updated the contribution guidelines to ensure timely review of community contributions. And I’m excited to merge a bunch of new features in the coming weeks including the long awaited ES query runner, visualisation improvements etc.

Last week we published a revised doc (for 2022) about how to contribute new query runners that take advantage of all the latest Redash features (types in the schema browser, auto limit for SQL queries etc.). And I’m working on the revised “How to add a visualisation” doc next, which should make it much easier for community members to contribute and modify visualisations.