Option to redirect from hosted redash to self-hosted?

Hi, we have a lot of links in the wild to our hosted redash app (Login to Redash) it will be very useful if there was an option to redirect from the old hosted app to our new self-hosted app.

Could you support such an option? Would be a shame to suddenly have a lot of stale links in different places…

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Sadly, no. The service is shutting down entirely which means wiping all the data from our servers.

yes, I understand that, but keeping a redirect option will take only negligable resources and will allow to keep links to old systems operational for users who wish to do that.

I understand your point. But the resources it would take to achieve what you ask in a way that complies with international regulations are far from negligible. Consider the following:

  • Next month, we’re wiping our servers and completely closing the business. A redirect server is cheap, but it’s not free. In six weeks there won’t be an entity to pay the bill. It’s a clean break.
  • To collect redirects we’d need to fashion a secure system for requesting users provide their desired redirect. Either on a domain-level or (more likely) an object-by-object level. There’s liability if we get this wrong (a honey pot for black hats to compromise and wreak havoc) and almost zero upside. It just kicks the can down the road until we shutter that service and our users are back to square one.
  • Redash dashboard URLs often contain PII protected by GDPR. This requires a privacy officer, a contact form that is monitored timely, manpower to handle admin tasks (info and forget requests). These are nontrivial obligations that we avoid by simply wiping everything.
  • Because of GDPR we can’t transfer a “redirects list” to another entity without yet more administrative overhead.
  • From experience, if we add redirects we will receive requests to modify that list going forward. This also requires manpower to do it properly.

I’m sorry this is inconvenient. The decision was not made capriciously or without contemplating alternatives. AFAIK this is pretty consistent with similar tools that shut down.

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thanks for the detailed explanation

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