Oracle Data source adaptor is not found in Redash using Virtual Machine(Bitnami)

Hi Team,

I have also installed Redash using Virtual Machine(Bitnami) in my system.
When I checked and login the application the Oracle data source is not found.
In Hosted Redash Oracle data source is there.
May I Know whether there have some limitations or restriction in data source while using Redash(Virtual Machine Bitnami).
Kindly clarify on this .Attached screenshot for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,
Thiru Murugan U

Don’t use Bitnami images. They were a community effort and are not apparently being maintained. We can’t support them.

As for Oracle setup, did you search the forum? This question has been asked and answered several times. Here’s a good example:

You may have trouble with this, however, as Bitnami doesn’t make it easy to edit the deployment environment.