Having updated a self-hosted test deployment to Redash 8 I think I was presented with a question in the Web UI asking whether I wanted to share anonymised data with the Redash team etc etc… since it was a test-host I selected ‘No’ and I think it said something about being able to change my mind in the Organisation Settings.

I can’t find any reference to it in the settings - do the ‘Organisation Settings’ actually exist in a self-hosted deployment? In which case could this option be exposed somewhere else in the settings?


the path to this settings is REDASH_HOST/settings/organization

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Good point - clearly I’m just going blind; it was there all along!

I do note that that page has still got the bug where if you’re using LDAP authentication and have "Password Login Enabled " disabled (and greyed out) that when you save on that page (chaging the Anonymous Usage Data Sharing or any other setting) that “Password Login Enabled” gets flagged back on. And you can’t turn it off other than by digging into psql…

Would you mind opening an issue on Github for this?