Other currency types in tables


When I am doing currency formatting, Redash only seems to support $ signs. If I enter £ it doesn’t show up in the table.

Am I missing something?


Hi @AdamDCross! Can you please show a query results sample and corresponding table column settings (could be minimal example - just to understand what you’re trying to do). Thanks!


Sure :slight_smile:

So this is what I have right now:


I need to change it to show GBP rather than dollar values. If I change the dollar sign to a pound sign, it doesn’t show it.


Thanks! Seems that library that we use for formatting numbers does not support this (at least, so easily). Probably we’ll need to switch to something else, but until then you can try to format values using SQL (something like SELECT CONCAT('£', column) AS column FROM ... (or try other function supported by your database). Sorry for that inconvenience.


That’s fine. Thanks :slight_smile:


I created GitHub issue for this https://github.com/getredash/redash/issues/3551 - not sure when we implement it, but at least now it’s in our backlog.