Pagination on Dashboards page does not work

Hi !

My pagination on Dashboards page is not working. I have 7 dashboards, page_size=20 but it shows :

  • 2 dashboards on the first page
  • 3 dashboards on the second one
  • 2 dashboards on the third

When i choose page_size=100, it shows all the dashboards on the first page. However page_size stays at 20 by default…

I am using a clone of Github repository.
The pagination on Queries page works perfectly.

Thanks for your help !

Redash uses the base paginate method to handle all modules’ pagination. I think it shouldn’t be different between dashboard and query. You are using the master branch? Maybe you can do some debug here.

Same problem has been reported here:

I’m also facing same problem with latest version from master branch

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