Parameters gets reset after clicking on URL with params


I have a dashboard with dashboard-level parameters.

When someone sends me a link like: /dashboard/overview?p_niche=7

and I click on it, I actually see data with “niche = 7”, but my URL gets reset to /dashboard/overview?p_niche=-1 (which is a default value). And my dashboard drop-downs resets to default value.

Can I somehow save passed parameter?


Can you give a few more details:

  • What version of Redash are you using?
  • Are there multiple widgets with this parameter on this dashboard?
  • What kind of parameter is it?




  • version is 4.0.0+b3948
  • there are 7 visualizations based on the parameters. and also there are 5 parameters, all are global
  • parameters are drop-downs based on a query! maybe that is an issue


I’ve tried reproducing this (created a dashboard that uses query based parameters), but couldn’t. :-\

You mentioned there are 5 parameters – does it happen with any of them, or with one of them?